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Vegas Weddings & COVID-19

How to Get Married in Vegas 2021

Great news! You can still get married in Vegas. You can safely get married in Vegas right now during COVID-19. If you’re looking for Las Vegas marriage license requirements and everything you need to know about how to get married in Las Vegas during the coronavirus pandemic go here. (Updated April 4, 2021)

Las Vegas Wedding COVID Restrictions | Safe Vegas Weddings

We've all had time to adopt to this new norm. That and all things considered, you’ll find there are not many restrictions for weddings in Las Vegas right now during COVID-19.

Nevada is congruent with most other places in that venue capacities are limited, and extra precautions are being taken for your safety. Our wedding venue capacities are capped at 50% of what they normally are. However, we have some large venues so this may not be limiting to you at all! Please check our Las Vegas wedding venues for more specifics.

Almost all of our Las Vegas wedding packages include limousine transportation. The number of passengers is currently limited to only 4 people and nobody may sit upfront. Unless your wedding reception is scheduled with Vegas Weddings, we cannot allow guests to linger and mingle. After your ceremony is complete and your guests are no longer needed for your professional photo shoot they will need to promptly plan on moving on to the next location.

Beyond those mentions, there is not much worth pointing out that is outside of what is now normal. See below if you’re wondering if you have to wear mask while getting married in Vegas.

Your well-being is definitely our priority! If you want reassurance of this, please read on!

Vegas Weddings, in collaboration with the Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce has designed safety protocols for the wedding industry in Las Vegas. These safety protocols follow the current Nevada, Federal government mandates, and Center for Disease Control (CDC) policies and recommendations.
If you’re my kind of peeps and you love the deets, keep scrolling to find a list of safety measures we’ve taken for your protection.

Do I need to wear a mask during my Vegas wedding ceremony?
Luckily, there is some flexibility here! Everyone must wear a mask in all the common, public areas inside. Masks are not required for outdoor weddings in Vegas. For weddings inside, the bride and groom are not required to wear a mask during their ceremony and photos. Your guests must wear a mask at all times except for when they are in a photo being taken by your Vegas Weddings professional photographer.  More exceptions follow.

PPE/Face Covering Mandate Exceptions
• Individuals with a medical condition that does not allow for the use of a mask
• Children ages 2 to 9 (highly encouraged but not required)
• When one is eating or drinking
• Individuals receiving hair and makeup services (or any personal service that cannot be accomplished with the use of a mask)
• People who are outdoors where social distancing is possible

COVID-19 Limo Rides to Your Vegas Wedding

Almost all of our Las Vegas wedding packages include a limousine ride to and from the chapel. In these cases, please be aware of these safety precautions and follow these guidelines: 
• For your safety during COVID-19, only 4 people are welcome in your limo. Nobody may ride upfront. 
• Passengers and drivers will comply with current CDC recommendations regarding protective gear.  
• Courtesy vehicles are limited to 2 passengers only. Sorry, nobody can sit upfront.
• All vehicles will be thoroughly sanitized prior to each use and stocked with appropriate sanitizing supplies.

Other COVID-19 Vegas Wedding Safety Measures for Your Protection

Below is a list of Vegas Weddings COVID protocols to set your mind at ease. In addition to the steps above, this is what we are doing to protect you, your family, friends and our staff.

• Vegas Weddings has designated individuals who have been specially trained to respond to COVID-19 related issues and constantly sanitize.
• Currently, Vegas Weddings is following the state mandate of 50% capacity for our wedding venues. This is valid from March 15-April 30, 2021. We have some larger venues that will still allow for quite a few guests. Please check our Las Vegas wedding venues for specifics. 
• Vegas Weddings will provide hand sanitizer and disposable sanitizing wipes. Our staff is required to hand sanitize before and after every encounter.
• Vegas Weddings will monitor and enforce appropriate social distancing. There will be highly visible floor markings a minimum of 6-feet apart. Exceptions are when guests live in the same household or traveled together.
• Our lobby has been sectioned off to enhance distancing between different groups.
• Staff members minimize all contact and wear disposable gloves, masks and face shields. This includes with all guests, their marriage documents and method of payment. Cash payments are discouraged.
•There is now a limit to only 50 guests in any single venue unless they live in the same household or traveled together.
• Only one immediate household member may accompany the bride in her dressing room. Only one wedding party member may dress at the chapel. Guests need to arrive dressed and ready.  
• Witnesses, ministers and officiates will sign the necessary documents in a designated area with sanitized or disposable instruments.
• To the extent possible, Vegas Weddings staff will sign as witness to limit contamination in the handling of marriage documents.
• Vegas Weddings staff will only be permitted on premises when they pass the same entry criteria laid out for everyone above.

Be sure to check back here for updates. We expect these safety procedures to evolve in order to stay compliant with federal and state mandates as well as Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.
Love will outlast all of this and your wedding will go on. Remember to smile, dance, love with all your heart and be well. Congratulations! We are excited to see you soon.