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Vegas Weddings & COVID-19

Find out how to get married in Vegas during coronavirus, how it is affecting your wedding plans and marriage paperwork.

How to Get a Marriage License in Las Vegas

What is required? What do I need to know? Figuring out how to get married in Las Vegas can be a challenge when it comes to paperwork, but we've taken the extra time to sort it all out for you and make it simple!

Read the 2 step process below to find out everything without having to navigate through a bunch of confusing web sites.

If you’re already married and looking for post marriage paperwork, call us now at (702) 933-3464 and we will get it for you or go here for more info.

How to obtain your marriage license
1 Fill out the Las Vegas Marriage License Application Form.

No more than 90 days before your wedding, fill out the pre-application form online.

Important to Note Before Completing the Application
Remember you are applying for a legal document, make sure the name you input exactly matches the name on the government issued ID you will be using to pick up the license.

Enter the groom's information under the Party 1 section.

If you have problems or need more information, click here.

Marriage license information in other languages:

Marriage License
2 You and your fiancé apply in person for a Las Vegas Marriage License

You must both go, in person to the marriage license bureau, which is located on the ground floor of the Regional Justice Center in downtown Las Vegas not far from the Fremont Street Experience. The address is:

Clark County Marriage License Bureau
201 E. Clark Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(Northwest corner of 3rd Street and Clark)

What You Need To Know Before Going to the Marriage License Bureau

Vegas Weddings is located just across the street from the license bureau parking lot. Be sure to come on in for a tour or to drop off all your paperwork after visiting the license bureau!

A marriage license in Las Vegas costs $77. The license bureau only accepts the following methods of payment: cash, credit card, cashier’s check, traveler's check or money order.

On average a taxi cab ride to the license bureau costs about $45. Most of our wedding packages from $699 include a limo ride to get your marriage license. Spare yourself the extra $45 and get yourself a really nice wedding package that includes everything you'll need. Yes, that is quite the difference, but wait until you see what you get!

8am to midnight every day of the year including holidays

Identification Requirements
You will need valid identification - Any of the following may be used:

  • Valid Driver's License
  • U.S. or foreign country issued I.D. card showing your photo and birthdate
  • Passport
  • Military Identification
  • Resident Alien Card

Additional Notes
There is no waiting period or blood testing required.
Your marriage license is valid for one year. In other words, once you get your license you must have a wedding ceremony in Las Vegas within one year.
To get married in Vegas you must be at least 18 years old. At 16 or 17, you can get married if you have written consent from one parent. Your parent may come in person or provide you with notarized written consent. If you have further questions regarding age requirements, please call the license bureau phone at (702) 671-0600.
To get married in Las Vegas you must be no nearer in kinship than second cousins, or cousins-in-law, and not have a living husband or wife.
If you are a US citizen, you will need to provide your social security number on the application. Cards are not required.

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Post Marriage Paperwork

Ugh, there's more?! Yes, you will need additional documents to prove that you got married. Nope, you're not that lucky, the paperwork is NOT automatically sent to you. Not to fear, Vegas Weddings is here (smile!). Just say the word and we'll handle it all for you. That is whether you got married with us or not! You can find more information or place that order here.